Let's get social

On 5 Jun, 2013 By REALTYindexer With
The 21st century is a bad one for the antisocial ones, but a great one for the rest. So it's time for us to get out from the basement we were hiding until now, and start to communicate with our visitors, who are looking for great properties, and with our partners who have lot's of real estates for sale or rent.

We now have this section for articles, here you can find all the informations about This is the place, where we will announce our new features, so keep your eyes open!

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When a new feature is finished...

On 11 Jun, 2013 By REALTYindexer With
When a new feature is finished, and no one is around to see it, does a developer still get paid?

Let's not take any chances (bills to pay/mouths to feed), and just to be sure that it doesn't go unnoticed, I announce you the brand new Mobile REALTYindexer!

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